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The cell phone has become a very important part of most individual's lifestyles today. Most of us take our cell phones everywhere we go and could not imagine how we ever did without them. Yet as much as we love our cell phones, most of us have nothing but complaint when it comes to our cellular service providers. And many of us feel trapped as we search for a way to free ourselves of the contracts and restrictions that keep us tied down to horrible cellular service and outrageous phone bills.

Well search no further, becuase there is a way to keep the cell phone you love and FREE your mobile phone of network restriction and its called unlocking.Global Unlock's Superior Mobile Unlocking Service.

Get your Celluar Unlock Code from Global Unlock today! All our mobile unlock solutions come with detailed step-by-step unlocking instructions and are 100% guaranteed to unlock your mobile phone or your money back. Its, safe, simple and 100% risk free!

Unlock your Mobile Phone in 3 Easy Steps

Just follow the 3 easy steps below to unlock your cell phone.

Step 1 - Search for the Cell Phone Unlocking Model from the Dropdown Menu
Step #1: Search for your Cell Phone Unlocking Model

Search for your Cell Phone model from the drop-down search menu found at the top of the right side bar.

There are 3 possible ways to identify your mobile phone model:

  1. Look at your phone screen immediately after you turn it on
  2. Look on the outside of the phone and/or under the battery or
  3. Look on the original box or manual provided with your cell phone.

Provide your current network provider (i.e. T-Mobile, Vodafone,etc.). Your current network provider is the network to which your mobile phone is currently locked too. To determine the network provider that your phone is locked to,

  1. look at the start-up screen on your cellular phone, or
  2. look for the network logo somewhere on the front or back of your mobile phone.
Step 2 - Provide Information to Unlock Your Cell Phone
Step #2: Provide Information to Unlock YouG Mobile Phone

Provide your cell phone IMEI number. The 15 - 17 digit IMEI number is the serial number unique to your mobile phone. You can determine your cell Phone IMEI # by:

  1. Typing *#06# (Star, pound, zero, six, pound) into your cell phone.
  2. Look at the back of your mobile phone behind the battery.

Please Note: the first option is the recommend method to get your accurate IMEI #, only if this method does not work use the second method.

Purchases of your cellular unlock code can be made using our safe payment processing system. Global Unlock accepts purchase payment via Google Checkout or PayPal. You can pay via direct credit card using Google Checkout.

For the purpose of our client’s safety, both Google Checkout Services and PayPal Payment Services secure all customer payment information, which makes us very confident about the safety of your privacy. All payments are 100% secure. For detailed information visit our Credit Card Safety Policy.

Step 3 - Enter the Unlock Code into your Mobile Phone
Step #3: Enter the Celluar Unlock Code into Your Mobile Phone

Global Unlock will provide you with a unique cellular unlock code for your mobile phone and step-by-step instructions on how to complete the unlock process.

Customer Support is available, if for any reason you experience any difficulty unlocking your cellular phone.

To proceed, select your cell phone model from the drop down list in the right side bar. If you do not see your phone model in the list, type your cellular make and model in the search bar at the top and you will find a list of all cell phones that match your search.

Please Note: You may see the same make and model appear multiple times, this is because several different unlock solution may be available for a specific mobile phone model for a particular network. We always suggest using an unlock code where available, as it is the safest method for unlocking your cell phone. Choose the unlock solution that best suite your unlock needs to get your celular unlock code.