FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mobile Phone Unlocking?

When you buy your cellular phone, the Service Provider (AT&T, T-Mobile, Orange, Rogers) will program your mobile phone so that it can only be used on their network. This is called locking your mobile phone. Unlocking your cellular will enable your phone to be used on any compatible GSM network around the world that has the same frequency as your phone’s frequency. All you have to do is put a SIM card from the network provider into your cellular phone. Please note; This only works on GSM Mobile networks.

Is It legal? Does It Void Your Warranty?

Yes it is legal to unlock your phone and No it does not void manufacturers warranties. The Service provider will in most cases unlock the phone for you at a much higher cost (Example, we charge $6 CAD for a Nokia, Rogers Wireless unlock solution, a Canadian network service provider will charge you $80 CAD for the exact same service and your contact has to be complete).

Who Should Unlock Their Phone?

If you are a frequent traveler who travels between different countries (for business or personal) - an unlocked phone will enable you to have multiple mobile plans or purchase a Pay-As-You-Go SIM card to be used on your current unlocked cellular phone.

If you want to change service providers - If you are dissatisfied with your current service provide, but would still like to keep your cellular phone. You can keep the phone by unlocking it.

Planning to sell your mobile phone - Our unlocking service can increase the value of your cellular phone because you can now sell your cell phone to anyone on any compatible GSM network.

If you are planning on buying a mobile phone from the Internet. You can buy a phone off the internet from eBay, Amazon, Howard Forums, etc. and we t Global Unlock can provide the unlock solution so you can use your phone with another cellular provider.

Will I save money with an unlocked phone?

Yes you maybe able to save money if you unlock your cellular phone and use another network provider.

Your current wireless provider will still charge you exactly the same as before for all your calls, but if you find another GSM cellular provider that provides their services for less you will be able to join this new service provider and place their SIM card into your mobile phone.

You will also be able to save money when traveling to another city, country or overseas by buying a Pay-As-You-Go Plan and SIM Card from a local service provider where you travel.

Can Unlocking Damage My Phone?

We at Global Unlock are dedicated in providing you a 100% guarantee, with quick, reliable unlocking service to provide you with your mobile phone unlock solution using the safest methods available. For the record, we have safely unlocked more than 30, 0000 phones successfully since we started in 2003.

What is a IMEI #? How do I find it?

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. This is a unique 15 digit serial number to identify your phone. There are two ways to find this number.

By pressing *#06# (Star, pound, zero, six, pound). Watch this short video for a live demonstration.

Where can I get a SIM card that will work in the country that I travel too?

You can easily buy a foreign SIM Card from a local service provider in the country that you are traveling too. For a complete list of GSM network providers around the world, please click here.

Many times, buying a SIM Card from a local cell phone provider is not the easiest way to get a foreign SIM. When you travel, you do not want to always have to find a cell phone store in order to buy a foreign SIM, in the case where they speak a different language, and communication is not easy. If you buy the SIM before you leave, you have a chance to make sure you understand how it works, and will also know your phone number while you are traveling prior to your leaving, which you can then give to friends, family and whoever may need to contact you while you are away.

Do you need to sign a minimum contract to get a foreign prepaid SIM card?

There is no need to sign a minimum contract, because the foreign wireless service provider does not giving you a free phone or any other sort of subsidy, therefore you do not need to commit to one or two year term contract. You just buy the SIM card, use it as much as you would like, and stop using it whenever you choose.

Will I have to unlock my phone every time I change SIMs?

No. Once your phone is unlocked, it remains permanently unlocked. No matter what you do to your mobile phone, the only way it can be locked again is if you replace your cellular phone.

Will my existing service still work with my unlocked phone?

Yes, your existing network service will work perfectly fine with no changes. All you need to do is use your existing service provider to keep your existing SIM card in your mobile phone.

Why do mobile phone companies lock phones?

Service providers or phone companies electronically lock their phones when giving out special offers, gifts or discounted prices so that one has to stick to the particular provider.

Why are some codes delivered instantly and others can take more time?

Some codes are generated automatically by a software using mathematical algorithms. Other codes do not follow the same logic and processed using servers or lined in queue. Some services can be done faster using different processes, however cost is substantially higher, not all services can be done faster, inquire for details.

Will your unlock code remove the branding on my handset?

The logo or the "Splash Screen" has been programmed into your phone by the company where you bought it from. It doesn't mean anything about which company now provides your phone service. Unlocking your phone removes the electronic restriction that prevents your phone from working with other SIMs from other wireless services. It doesn't change your splash screen.

It is only possible to de-brand a handset (remove any operator logos, backgrounds, screensavers etc.) by using a cable + software solution. Using unlock codes alone will not remove the branding.

How do I know if my phone is already unlocked or not?

Simply insert an active SIM card from a different wireless service provider other than the original SIM and see if it works in your phone or not. If it works and your phone accepts the SIM card, then your phone is already unlocked. But if it creates some sort of error message, like "Invalid SIM" or "Incorrect SIM" and doesn't work, then your phone is locked.

Will the unlock codes damage my phone?

Removing the network restriction on your mobile phone with unlock codes is the safest form of unlocking available. You simply enter the necessary codes directly into your phone via the keypad to remove the network restriction.

Why do I have to pay for the unlocking when it's offered free online?

There are many guides and forum posts online all about how to unlock your phone for free. There is also information about software that you can download to 'calculate' unlock codes or ways to modify your phone using a cable.

There is currently no information confirming that your current cell phone provider would know that your cell phone has been unlocked. Meanwhile if you were to take your cell phone in for servicing to your network vendor, they can physically access the features on your mobile phone, and can get it to display the phone’s current lock status.

Will my existing service provider care if I unlock my phone?

Your current cell phone provider probably would not care if you unlock your mobile phone as long as you do not break your current cellular service contract. That is one of the bizarre things about unlocking your cell phone that makes locking your cell phone so unnecessary.

Your current cell phone provider locks your mobile phone to their network to prevent you from breaking your contract with them and taking your business elsewhere.

Is it okay that my cell phone still shows the name of the previous wireless service, even after I unlocked my phone?

It is perfectly fine that the name of the previous network service provider appear on your mobile phone, even after you have unlocked. The logo has been programmed into your phone by the original service provider as a splash screen before it was sold to you. This logo has no impact on your unlock service.

Unlocking your phone reverses the electronic barrier put in place by the original service provider. Unlocking your phone does not effect your splash screen and vice versa. The good news is you can get remove the splash screen. See if you can find it in the phone’s manual on how to change the splash screen, or consider calling the mobile phone manufacturer and have them give you step-by step instructions on how to remove the splash screen off the phone.

Where can you use your unlocked GSM phone?

For a complete list of countries and GSM networks where you can use your unlocked phone click here.

GSM services are available in over 207 countries.

Check the GSM World web site to see if the country you are interested in has GSM service available, and what frequency the GSM service(s) work on.

How do I know if my phone will work internationally?

North American GSM cell phones work on 1900 MHz and sometimes also 850 MHz. Most other countries have GSM networks on 900 or 1800 MHz.

Check on the website of your mobile phone manufacturer to see which frequencies your model phone supports.