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“SUCCESS! many thanks for your persistence. The phone is now working perfectly. Thank you for putting up with me. You deserve a special award. I am really grateful." - Les Evans - Samsung S5360, Telstra Australia

“Awesome. It worked. Thanks again for always being reliable. I have used your services a number of times in the past and y'all never fail to produce. Keep up the fantastic work! " - Ravin - Blackberry - 8520 Curve, Digicel Trinidad and Tobago

“Code worked and all is good. Thank you very much for going out of your way to help. Would happily recommend Globalunlock to any of my family or friends. In fact, I might come back to you soon as my wife is thinking of unlocking her phone." - Tony - Blackberry 8520 Curve, O2 UK

“Love you! - will recommend your service to everyone who needs it here in India - thank you, thank you, thank you again" - Prashant - BlackBerry Airtel

“What a fantastic service you have supplied me with I MUST ADMIT I will definitely be recommending you in the future. Thank You so much for your assistance while i encountered a few short but simple login issues! I rate yous a 5* for this." - Craig Laing, Samsung - Tocco Lite

“I just fix it :) , the solution was to remove the battery while working and the to put the sim card and start the phone again. For now works great. Thank you for you time. I'll recommend you, if someone from my friends need help with phones. Thanks again." - Jordan Atanassov, BB 9900 Bold

“Thanks. I successfully unocked my phone. Im now hooked up with tmobile. Great service, im recommended u guys to all of my friends." - Reginald Thomas, X10 Sony Ericsson - Xperia X10

“Thank you, all went well and smoothly, without any problems at all. I would and will, recommend this service to any of my friends." - Thank you Best Regards, Cade pallasch, Telstra Australia Samsung - Galaxy Ace

“I just completed the unlock process and everything looks fine. My phone is working well with at least two providers, so I'm very satisfied with your service. I particularly appreciated your customer support." - Thank you, Kristina Pilaeva, Samsung - S8500 Wave

“Thanks Once again. It was a no brainer .,put in sim card put in code ioon minutes i had my phone working once again . Big smiles : )~ I will send more customers your way." - Thanks , David R Williams, Motorola - Moto Z9

“Hi Guys, Tks much for the service - worked like a charm - will certainly recommend you and will be back soon myself for another one - have a good one" - Len, Blackberry 8520 Curve

“ My Palm Centro has now been unlocked successfully! Thanks again for your assistance. It was great doing business with you." - Regards, Woodrowe Perkins, Palm Centro

“ I was at the Airport, waiting for flight to Sydney in next few hours. Saw your email & followed the procedure & it worked !! Wonderful !! As stated in every forum you guys are really the best. Thanks a lot Remi & entire Global Unlock Team.” Regards, - JG - Blackberry Curve 8520

“Thank you so much for this,This was the best service i have ever had, because i tried lots of other ones i waited days then it said it didnt work but this one was very quick and cheap i highly recommend you to people,i will tell all my friends to use this because it is quick,cheap and easy cheers." - Reece Vaux, Australia, HTC Wildfire S

“ Wow, thank you SOOOOOO much!!!! It worked!!!! I truly never thought it was going to be, but persistence and your software paid off. I'll be sure to recommend your website to everyone I know!” All the best, - Brandon Hoyer - Palm Pixi Plus on AT&T

“Great service. Went to several shops that wanted to charge me £25 - 35 pounds but also wanted me to leave the phone with them overnight or longer. Have just got a locked HTC desire from eBay and keen to play so not keen to pay a fortune and leave it behind. Not very techy but not stupid so decided to go online and try and hey presto! Simple instructions and swift service so here I am three hours later up and running. Many thanks. I recommend you and your team.” - Yours Shelley - HTC Desire

“ I just wanted to say thanks GLOBAL UNLOCK!, You guys are awesome!. I had such a hard time trying to get my blackberry 8100 series unlocked elsewhere. Most cellphone shops tried charging me anywhere from $40 to $90 dollars(what a ripoff right?!). You guys rock,and I would recommend your services to anyone. The fact that you guys responded back in less than 24hours just shows me how perfessional you guys are! ” Very Respectfully, – Donovan (Los Angeles,CA.) U.S. Navy

“I just wanted to tell everyone how great of a service you provide. We had an un-used, brand new AT&T Palm Centro laying around the house and I was looking to upgrade my phone. One problem though. I have T-Mobile service. I sent the IMEI code to you and within 48 hours, I had the unlock code via email, with very easy-to-follow instructions on how to unlock the phone. It took me about 45 seconds to unlock it, and I am not tech savvy (just ask my daughter). Been using the Centro with T-Mobile service ever since. I've already told others about your service. I couldn't be happier. ” – Dave - AT&T Palm Centro

“Hi GlobalUnlock,
I recently unlocked my Blackberry 8110 Pearl on Roger Wireless with you guys and it was so simple and easy to do. Even though i found a forum online with software and instructions how do do it with a different method for free but i chose to go with you guys because you sounded reliable and im glad with the service i received and would recommend you guys to anybody. I was wondering if you guys can help me with unbranding my Blackberry 8110 Pearl if so email me back please. ” – Konrad Stawiarski - Blackberry 8110 Pearl

“Dear Sirs:
I just want to say that I'm very pleased with the service you provide me. You offered to send the unlock code in 48 hours and sent it in less than 24 !! I'm glad I trusted your webpage and also had a good impression of the chat I had with one of your online representatives.”
Regards – Enrique Y'pez D. Caracas, Venezuela

“Just want to say thank you very much! The unlock was successful. No one else was able to unlock this Blackberry but you came through. I would recommend you to everyone. You've been very helpful and pleasant to deal with.”
Sincerely, – Jeff Kaminski, MBK Enterprises, Inc., Chatsworth, CA

“Dear Global Unlock Team,
I was a little worried when I got the code and tried to unlock my phone because the message "contact service provider" came up on my screen. So I followed the instructions that you guys gave me when this happens, and in about an hour the "enter code" screen came up. I then entered the code and my phone was unlocked. It was that simple. Thank You.
Thanks. ” – Aaron Sparvier, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“Very cool. We live in Perth, Australia and were visiting family in the states. We bought an ATT Motorola in the US after being told we could use it in Australia with our Telstra SIM card. However, they failed to tell us that it needed to be unlocked. Needless to say it didn't work here (Australia) with our Telstra SIM card, so we took the phone to a local dealer to see what he could do. He tried for about 2 hours ultimately failed and said it couldn't be done. That just didn't seem right to me, so I came home, did an internet search on unlocking cell phones and came up with the Global Unlock link. It was so simple. I just provided Global Unlock with the correct IMEI number following their instructions, they sent me the unlock code 24 hours later and 5 minutes later the phone worked with our Telstra SIM card. It really couldn't be easier, thanks. ” – Dave Phelps

“Hi There
Thank you very much, this code works very well, you have made me a very happy man ” – Muny

My name is Partha . i wanted to mention that i have not had better (knowledgeable, prompt and courteous) customer service not to mention the speed of processing my order. Instructions were exact and i got my phone unlocked in a heartbeat. it could not be easier than this.
Thank you once again, Regards ” – Partha Mishra

“Dear Global unlock theme,
I must apologise for not responding sooner because after all the fustration that I encountered from people who unlock mobile phones both in the United States of America and also in my country of Barbados, I found out that it was so easy to unlock my Blackberry 8310 all by myself after following your step by step instructions. As a result of your service, I am now enjoying my new phone which I purchased in Orlando Florida just last month when I was on holiday.

Once again guys, keep up the good work and I must say that your prices are quite reasonable as well. Thanks again from Barbados, the most easterly Island in the caribbean where the sun shines 365 days every year. Feel free to send me any updates at anytime.Best Regards,
From a very satisfied customer. ” – Winston Clarke.

“Dear Global Unlock
Right now in India,the iPhone was launched (on 23rd aug) and this comes locked with network providers like Vodafone and Airtel. This had been a buzz for quite sometime now, as people are eager to get the iPhone, however only a few (countable) customer bought the phone due to its HIGH PRICE. It sells at Rs.31,000/- (8GB) and Rs. 36,000/-(16GB) which is equivalent to around USD $800.

Now people are eager to get the phone from countries like US, the price being around $400 there, and get it unlocked, since the price in India is almost double.

I am just informing you, since it may be of interest to you.
” – JC Lam, New Delhi, India

“Bought a Blackberry and Samsung Blackjack on EBay but needed unlock codes for both. Now they work and the price was reasonable and the service was fast and friendly!” – Larry, Blackberry and Samsung

“Very professional and efficient. I was starting to think my over priced iPhone had become a pretty paperweight. I found Global Unlock and explained the series of issues this phone had before I locked it up, I thought for good. At Global Unlock they said these magic words "I can unlock it for you". And now I thank God for Techno wizards like the ones at Global Unlock. My phone is unlocked and free of all the issues it came with by the people that unlocked it originally.” – Naomi, iPhone, Toronto

“I was having problems unlocking my phone after I received the email instructions, so I called him up, and he told me exactly how to fix the issue. Right afterwards, my phone was unlocked. I looked around at other local unlocking services, but they were too expensive or not reliable. Global Unlock was the place for me!” – Daniel, Rogers Blackberry

“My daughter was crazy for the Sidekick 3 and purchased a locked one off Ebay. After several ‘experts’ refused to help us because of unfamiliarity with the phone we found Mukul Verma from Global Unlock. He was patient, attentive and very kind to us. He explained the process fully along with the pros and the cons and certainly made every effort to unlock this phone. Unfortunately it was a part of the very small percentage of Sidekicks that cannot be unlocked. It was disappointing for my daughter, but Mr.Verma was so honest and knowledgeable. He explained the situation to her in such a manner that we were satisfied knowing that he went all out to unlock this phone for us. We were ultimately impressed with his professional manner, sincere honesty and eagerness to help us. There are many people who don’t know the first thing about locked and unlocked cell phones, who need help to understand what needs to be done, and have it done without being taken advantage of. In that case, we would recommend Mr. Verma from Global Unlock. With him you are sure to have fair and honest work done for you by a true professional at a competitive price.” – Marcia, Sidekick 3

“I used the unlock for my Treo 680 twice (after the phone had to be replaced due to a defect). Both times the service was prompt, inexpensive, and it worked like a charm. I would heartily recommend Global Unlock!” – Larry, Treo 680

"My name is David Snyder and I used the Global Unlock service July 2004 and had great results. Not only is my Treo 600 unlocked and working great on the T-Mobile network (was AT&T) the support staff at Global Unlock did everything they could to help me in the process of unlocking my phone. They were timely and attentive and I am appreciative. Thank you." - David Snyder

"This is the best customer service I have ever had. I went from thinking that this was a very shady thing to unlock my phone on the net to becoming a believer that finding services online is a cool thing to do" - Terry Migels

"This is the best and fastest global unlock service I have ever used and my phone works perfectly, the response time and speed of operations is absolutely amazing. I would recommend anyone to use your service. Thanks….." - Nikhil Menon, India

"I went to another unlocking website and they were unable to unlock my phone and refused to refund my money. The staff at Global Unlock assured me that they had a 100% success rate and that if I cannot do it, they will walk me through it. They walked me step by step and successfully unlocked my phone, thanks a lot and keep up the good work" - Mickey Bonner

"Both the product and the service were excellant. I emailed a question on a weekend not expecting an answer until Monday. Not only was my questioned answered but I was up and running within the hour. Thank you for the great service!" - John Fish

"I had almost completely lost faith in using internet services due to being swindeled a few times. However, I was very satisfied when I found out that Global Unlock was more than ready and willing to help me out with unlocking my Motorola V300 - the switch from Rogers to Fido went great. I would definitely recommend this service to anybody else looking to unlock their GSM phone easily and in good time! Thanks a lot for being there and helping me out!" - Dana Harrison

The service was excellent. Thanks, - Ron

"I have used Global unlock twice now and could not be happier. I tried to save $15 this time around and used another service. The short story is that I paid my money and got nowhere. I could have sent my phone to them, but my phone is my business. I tried Global and had my codes that afternoon. I will not make the same mistake again. Global delivers, fast, and accurate. (And they are genuinely nice folk to boot!)" - Joseph Coulter, Cruises and Vacations

"I just unlock my Treo 600. I got the link with software within minutes after placing my order. The customer service is just amazing! The best unlock company I ever used in my whole life! I would like to recommend Global Unlock to anyone who wants to unlock his phone. You pay little money for a great service! Once you try Global Unlock, believe or not but you will always come back to them!" - Dave

"Thank you for the great product, great service and the great customer support, it was too simple the directions were perfect, step-by-step. I will highly recommend you to anyone I know looking to unlock their phones. Thanks Again" - Rich Albarano, Atlanta, GA, TREO 600

"My experience with your company has been a very positive one, even though I could not get my phone unlocked due to the cable issue. Your customer support was very helpful, courteous, and replied to my questions very quickly. I would highly recommend your service to others that need their phones unlocked." - Darrin Lillian

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