Why Unlock Your Cell Phone?

The cell phone has become a very important part of most individuals lifestyle today. The days of pay phones, pagers and beapers have become a thing of the past. Most of us take our cell phones everywhere we go and could not imagine how we ever did without them.

Yet as much as we love our cell phones, most of us have nothing but complaint when it comes to our cellular service providers. And many of us feel trapped as we search for a way to free ourselves of the contracts and restrictions that keep us tied down to horrible cellular service and outrageous phone bills.

Well search no further, because there is a way to keep the cell phone you love and FREE your mobile phone of network restriction and its called unlocking.

So you ask, how can unlocking your cell phone help?

We have all wanted at one time or another to switch cellular services, while keeping the cell phones we love. Well, it is simple to do if you unlock your mobile phone. All GSM phone are originally designed to work with any service provider. If your cell phone was unlocked all you would have to do is swap SIM cards from one network to another.

Sounds easy doesn't it? Well it's not that simple, because many service providers lock the mobile phone they sell to only work with their network and service plans. This restricts you from taking your cell phone and using it with another carrier. But there is a way to unlock the network restrictions placed on your cell phone, so you can keep the phone and free your cell of all restrictions.

Reasons to unlock your cell phone

There are many benefits to unlocking your cellular phone. Freedom from network restrictions is the primary reason to unlock your mobile phone, but saving money on your cell phone bill and increasing the value of your phone are just as important.

Freedom from Network Restrictions

Unlocking your cellular phone frees you of all restrictions, put upon your phone by your current service provider. With your unlocked GSM cell phone you can choose from over 670 networks worldwide, giving you truly global coverage. You no longer have to put up with poor network coverage and frequently dropped call. You no longer have to tie yourself down to two year contracts, only to find a better deal, a few months later. Unlocking your cell phone is a freedom that you will wonder why didn't you do this sooner.

Save Money

There are several way to save money with an unlocked mobile phone.

For starters with your newly unlocked cell phone you can shop around for the cheapest local calling, texting and data rates/plans. Save on your local phone bill, because now you can choose the plans with the best rates and the best plan for you and know that you no longer have to tie yourself down with cellular contracts. You have the freedom to buy the mobile phone you like from one service and use it with another if you wish. All you have to do is unlock your cell and you are free to use your phone with any GSM network of your choice.

But the savings do not end there. When you unlock your cell phone you also save on outrageous roaming charges when you travel, because you can now switch to a prepaid service plan from a local network in the country or city you are visiting.

If you have ever used your cell phone on vacation before you understand that roaming charges can drastically increase your cell phone bill if you don't watch your cell phone usage while on vacation. But with an unlocked mobile phone you can swap SIM Cards to a local prepaid plan and stop counting the minutes. Why pay 50 cent, $1.00 per minute, maybe even more in roaming charges with you could be paying pennies to make the same calls.

Increase the Resell Value of Your Cell

When you decide to buy a new cell phone and upgrade to the latest bells and whistles, your current unlocked phone will be easier to sell then a locked cell phone. Your unlocked cell phone has a higher resell value than a locked cell phone of the same make or model. This is because an unlocked cell phone can be sold to any GSM cell phone user, meanwhile a locked cell phone can only be sold to individual who are on the network the phone is currently locked too.